A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main (structural) ceiling. In simpler words, it is a second ceiling concealing the original. It is also referred to as dropped ceiling, suspended ceiling, T-bar ceiling or grid ceiling. False ceilings are generally used for aesthetic purposes. But, they are also good for thermal insulation and sound absorption. Plaster of Paris is popularly used to build false ceilings because it can be easily moulded into various designs. However, gypsum boards, modular ceilings, metal ceilings are also used on a large scale.

False ceiling type:-

·         plaster false ceiling: With the help of Plaster False Sealing, the beauty of your house or the building is four-moon. It gives beauty of your building a lot of manifold.

·         Gypsum false ceiling: Gypsum false ceiling is usually light weight, which is fire resistant. In this the gypsum board is available in the size of 600 mm x 600 mm with a thickness of 9 mm to 15 mm.

·         PVC false ceiling: The PVC false ceiling is an attractive, durable and water resistant, which multiplies the beautification of the building. It is made of PVC material, so its maintenance cost is almost zero. This type of false roof PVC panels have been fixed in the aluminum T-section structure. These are available in a variety of attractive forms.